About Us


At #Muah, we create clothing that inspires you to be comfortable during activity, whether being active means doing yoga, competing in an iron marathon, working hard in the gym, hustling on the field, chasing kids, or whatever moves you. Our trendy designs are luxury built at an affordable price point. This goes beyond clothing; we build relationships within the community of people who embrace three main things: 


We know that to build a solid foundation, you must first start with your mindset. The body will only do what the mind has processed and instructed. Our philosophy is to help female athletes, professionals, moms, and individuals push past limits to become the best version of themselves.


Strength has two characteristics, physical and mental. We do not aim to define it for you, we aim to help you explore what definition works for you. When you are an athlete, it means that you are obligated to be part of the support system and become part of the family. Being an athlete means being dedicated to your craft and strength. Essentially, it is about being dedicated to your purpose and what drives you.


There is strength in growth. Sometimes in order to grow forward, you must be weak first. At the core of growing, it is the belief that your actions can change your outcomes, that your intelligence and abilities are not fixed and unchangeable. Growth mindset vs fixed. I am not good vs I am not good, yet. There is a difference.